Meet the Band

Not only is Swing City Boulder a band with a lot of character, but it also has a lot of characters. All combined, the musicians in the band have over 150 years of playing experience.  Each hailing from different parts of the U.S. and Canada, the band members have varied musical backgrounds and influences.

dave mcloughlin – trumpet, band leader

Dave Mc, grew up in Michigan playing in jazz bands throughout high school and college. He first started with the triangle, then graduated through the kazoo, the mouth harp and the piccolo, before settling on the trumpet. He played with several bands in LA and Northern California prior to moving to Colorado, including Mott the Hoople, Dexies Midnight Runners and Right Said Fred. In addition to playing in Swing City Boulder, Dave also plays regularly with the Longmont Symphony and Big BanG!.

herb harvey – trombone

Originally from Mexico, Herb moved to New Mexico. After realizing there was nothing “New” about it, he quickly moved to the Denver/Boulder area in 1991. Although he started out as a trumpet player, Herb finally wised-up to the wonders of the trombone – well, really he just likes to slide that thing back and forth. He has earned a music education degree from New Mexico (bet you didn’t know the state of New Mexico gives those things away), with additional studies at UNC and University of Nebraska. He once walked on the CU Campus, as well.

jan mcloughlin – vocals

Jan started singing before she could even talk.  She enjoys long walks on the beach, dogs and cleaning the house.  Jan began her music career as a classical trumpet player but eventual succumbed to the tedious job of domestic goddess.  She soon discovered that it was much easier to sing while she worked than trying to vacuum, feed the kids and play a double high C on her trumpet all at the same time.

matt powelson – bass

Matt is an accomplished bass player – it helps that he has an extra finger on one of his hands (don’t ask which one; and please, don’t look…it’s very disrespectful). Matt is an accomplished luthier, and has built every bass he has ever played – most of them from discarded lumber from unguarded construction sites. Matt has a very unique, distinct bass sound which sounds a lot like Ray Brown. He has a great sense of timing (except when telling jokes), and lays down bass lines like they’re no one else’s business.

otto koch – piano

Otto has been playing piano professionally for more than 50 years – and for more than 19 of those, he played it pretty well. While attending a jazz workshop in 1969, Otto discovered that he could use both hands when playing the piano and the rest is history.  He has impeccable, melodic sense and drive to his playing making him an ideal keyboardist for the superb swing arrangements performed by Swing City.

adam kuyt – alto & bari saxophone

Adam relocated to Colorado in the late nineties from western Canada. He was raised in a musical family – his grandfather was a band director, his father played bass in jazz groups, his distant cousins played the xylophone and the vibraphone for the school orchestra, and his aunt, twice-removed, once whistled Dixie. An engineer by day, he fancies himself a musician at night. Adam has always pursued opportunities to play the saxophone, including 8 years in the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve as a musician and band leader. His influences include Grover Washington and Branford Marsalis.

john battista – tenor saxophone

Johnny B. grew up in New York where he started playing saxophone in the fifth grade in order to earn extra money to put in the pinball machine. He was the original inspiration for Tommy. Since then, Johnny B. has found himself playing for a variety of combos and ensembles, playing everything from rock, funk, jazz, bebop, reggae, country, western, country-western, soul, spiritual, pagan and interpretative art. His musical influences include Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins, with a bit of Weird Al Yankovic for good measure. Don’t ask him about his birthmark…it’s a touchy subject.

ken aikin – trumpet

Ken has been a freelance trumpet player in the Boulder area since moving to Colorado in 1986. He has played 2nd trumpet with the Boulder Philharmonic since 1987. He has also performed with the Boulder Brass, the Colorado Ballet, the Colorado Music Festival and the Greeley Philharmonic. He also enjoys playing chamber music and jazz.

trent antony – drums

After fifteen years of schlepping drums for Neal Peart, Trent realized that he, too, could be a musician and purchased a drum kit. Quickly thereafter, he was asked to join the band that backed such legendary musicians as Christina Agulara and Brittney Spears, and spent the next ten years touring the world. When the weariness of road-travel set in, Trent retired to Colorado and joined Swing City Boulder in the middle of summer. Ever since, he’s been happy banging his drums all day.