Our Story

(or How Swing City didn’t Start as a Swing Band!)

In the spring of 2004, seven jazz musicians gathered together in Longmont, Colorado, to form a Dixieland combo band called “The St.Vrain Valley Dixieland Jass Band.” While we achieved moderate success playing Dixie music at local restaurants, retirement communities and other groups, we realized that not only was the band name a mouthful, but that our audiences found themselves drawn towards our “swingier” sound.

We quickly realized that we, too, had a fondness for the traditional swing sounds of the 30s and 40s Big Bands – particularly Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and Count Basie. With that, we quickly became known for our traditional Big Band songs, including swing, foxtrot, Latin and waltzes. We also realized that our name was quite a mouthful, and after moving to Boulder, we changed it to the catchy “Swing City Boulder.”

Swinging throughout Denver, Boulder, Golden and the entire Front Range of Colorado

Over the last several years, Swing City Boulder has partnered with a variety of swing-dance associations to host lively, family-friendly swing dances throughout Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Golden, Colorado (even Buena Vista). Our music swings like crazy, driving dancers to the floor and even putting a lift in the steps of passersby!

Whether you are looking for some easy-listening, old-style jazz or a lively dance band, consider Swing City Boulder when booking live music for your next corporate party, swing dance, wedding or any fun event!

The “Little” Big Band

Larger than a combo, smaller than a Big Band. Before the larger bands of the Big Band Era came into full swing it was common to see smaller, 9-piece bands that helped to give birth to the new era.  Following in the small big band footsteps, Swing City Boulder is the right size band for your venue, providing the sounds of the Big Band Era without crowding the space.  Rhythm, horns and vocals make for the perfect combination of sounds to make your event an enjoyable, music-filled evening.